Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 6? - or It's All Good


Today was the background taping for the Rachel Ray Show. I had my blood drawn first thing this morning and then Hannah and I drove into NY, where we spent about 4 hours being bored to death. The producer interviewed me, then I talked to the designer . Then everyone else packed up and headed to the workshop and Hannah, Lindsay's husband and I headed back to CT.

All the cancer news is still good. My white count is low normal today so no Neupogen. AST, ALT and alk phos are all better than a week ago (AST is almost normal!). OK, for you number followers - WBC 3.4, K 5.4, AST 41, ALT 87, Alk phos 294, BUN 32. One of my kidney tests is a little high, as is my potassium, so I'm supposed to be pushing fluids. I feel fine and hopefully will stay that way until the next round of chemo on the 29th.

Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming. They seem to be doing the trick.


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