Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 13? - or The Neulasta Chronicles


Cycle #4 is in the books. This Neulasta has become quite the boondoggle. My chemo nurse spent most of yesterday on the phone with my insurance company. First, they spent hours trying to figure out whether it would be covered under my prescription plan or major medical. Once they decided that it's covered under major medical, they said I could only get it in a doctor's office. Pharmacies can't, apparently, bill under major medical. So I talked to the oncologist before they started the poison today and we decided to just go with Neupogen again and set up the appointments for the next two weeks. Then, in the middle of chemo, I got a call from the Aetna Specialty Pharmacy saying they were trying to arrange delivery of my Neulasta?!? So I arranged to have it delivered to Lindsay's apartment tomorrow so I can give it to myself when we get there tomorrow evening. It's a doorman building, so there will be someone there to sign for it. It should work, in theory, but I'm not canceling my Neupogen appointments until it actually does work.

Oh, and I have been receiving reduced doses of Taxol because of my liver wonkiness and today I got the full dose! Take that, adenocarcinoma!


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