Friday, June 20, 2008

What's Up With The Doc 17? - or Happy Birthday to Me!


This morning dawned bright and beautiful in Connecticut. I usually try my best to ignore birthdays, but this one seems like it deserves attention and special thanks. Even if it is THE BIG ONE. I will celebrate by working today. The kids at work are bound and determined to take me to lunch and have cake and sing. We'll see if the patients allow that.

As to the 500 pound gorilla in the room, this has been the least heinous of my chemo cycles to date. I have been sleeping well, pain was easily controlled and no fever. Yet. I can't believe I said that. The way my luck has been going...

Speaking of luck, my mother's luck window appears to be open. She cleaned up at MGM at Foxwoods yesterday and then proceeded to beat the rest of us in two rubbers of bridge last night. Someone's living right!

So tonight will be a great big birthday dinner party with Hannah, Philip, Lindsay, Jacob, Marta, Charlie, Bruce, Dottie, David, Anne, Robert and me. I am happily anticipating falling into the lap of family and friends after a long week at work to celebrate the dawning of my second half century. Tomorrow Philip heads for camp and the rest of us get to be completely lazy. Ah, summer.


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The McAlister Family said...

Isaac seemed to leave out one tiny detail when I asked him how you were doing, that you had a birthday recently! If it means anything at all, happy be-lated Birthday! All of us send our love and hope that we will be able to come for a visit sometime soon. Love, Rebekah