Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 12? - or Neutropenia Strikes


I got myself all revved up for chemo cycle #4 and was denied when my white count was too low. I got a shot of Neupogen yesterday and we'll try again tomorrow. It actually works out OK, because Friday is supposed to be 12 hours of driving and I'll feel fine the day after chemo, whereas 3 days after chemo I'm usually a wreck. We're going back to Neulasta (basically nine doses of Neupogen in one very expensive shot) to try to prevent this from happening again. I get to give it to myself because it's given 24 hours after completion of chemo and I'll be on the road. I'll have a nice three day Memorial Day weekend to enjoy Lindsay and Jacob and recover from chemo, Neulasta and all that driving. Happy Memorial Day to you all!


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