Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 2? - or Where Did All The Hairs Go?


So my hair started coming out in handfuls yesterday and I decided I didn't want another shampooing experience like this morning's so I visited my friendly stylist today and we took step one. I call this Jamie Lee Curtis on the way to Demi Moore:

I'm still having aches and pains and low grade temperature elevations - all pretty well controlled with Ibuprofen (and Cipro after the Decadron debacle). Still doing OK with work and running kids around.

Through weird and wonderful and crazy turns of events it looks like I'm going to be on The Rachel Ray Show for something tangentially related to the cancer. I'm hoping to get 5 seconds to speak my piece about lung cancer and point viewers to The National Lung Cancer Partnership for information and donations for original research. More about that as it becomes available.

I'm in good spirits - visualizing cancer cells floating on splintered pieces of wood crying for help as the sharks circle. Keep all the good thoughts and prayers coming.


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