Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 11? - or Today is Better than Yesterday


I've said how much I love my oncologist, right? He just called. He took all of my scans downstairs to the radiologist that did my chest CT angiogram on 3/25 to review and compare. Their final determination is actually a 33% improvement of the largest liver lesion - from 6 cm at its worst to 4 cm now. Woohoo! I even meet RECIST criteria for partial response! He also talked to the thoracic oncologist I'm going to see at S-K and they concurred on the plan - complete 6 cycles of this chemo and repeat a scan. Depending on how things look at that point we will either continue Avastin alone, add Tarceva to the Avastin or switch from Avastin to Tarceva.

Yay! Response! Plan!


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