Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 48? - Still Alive after Cisplatin/Taxotere #2

I had my second cycle of cisplatin and taxotere yesterday and I'm hanging in there today. I'm trying to be more aggressive in treating the nausea and pushing fluids hard. Appetite stinks but I'm able to force normal quantities of normal food down. I'm clinical today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Administrative Friday and off Monday. If the fever follows its usual course I'd be expecting it next Wednesday so I'll start full dose Aleve on Tuesday to try to head it off at the pass. Next blood count and Zometa are Friday the 10th. Next scan Tuesday the 14th. Dana-Farber Thursday the 16th.

Last week was interesting all around. I went back for my second transfusion of red blood cells on Wednesday and there was a fire in the Ambulatory Medical Clinic! We all had to be evacuated to the conference room. I had my biopsy on Friday and that was a breeze. He thinks he got plenty of good tissue - we'll see what the Dana-Farber pathologists have to say about that.

Chris and Sheri got in Thursday afternoon and we started the great seafood fest with dinner at the Mooring. Friday we had Robert's famous barbecued brisket for dinner and then Hannah, Chris, Sheri and I headed out for the Long Island volleyball tournament. Saturday was a blast - Hannah's team went undefeated and she executed two great slide maneuvers in the last match of the day. The team went to Dave and Buster's for dinner and games and Chris and Sheri and I met Bonnie and Dick for more seafood. Sunday the team made it to the semifinals of the gold bracket but lost to a strong Academy team, tying for 3rd in the tournament. We headed home, picked Robert up and finished up the seafood love-in at the Chowder Pot in Branford. It was a wonderful visit and I felt great all weekend with my little 4 day chemo extension to get me back on a Tuesday chemo schedule.

So at the moment, all is well with me. Think strong thoughts for me to make it through this post-chemo period with as little misery as possible.

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