Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 49? - Hanging In There

That's my usual response these days when people ask how I'm doing. I'm nauseated, weak and tired from chemo but still here and functioning so it seems like the most appropriate thing to say. I don't really have any big news this week. If I get the day 9 fever that will be tomorrow so I started my Aleve today to try and prevent that. The oncologist gave me Ativan for the nausea and that has been surprisingly helpful. I've still lost 4 pounds and nothing tastes good to me, but I don't feel as awful as I did last cycle. One thing I'm almost hesitant to say is that my neck and hip really haven't been bothering me much for the last few days. I don't know what that means but I'll enjoy it while I can.

Baseball season is here! I'm thrilled to let the trash talking, hope and heartbreak begin for another season. I'm a Cubs fan, if you didn't know, and I was glad to see them win their opener in Houston yesterday. The daffodils have started blooming and the hyacinths and tulips are all up! And I'm here to see it!! My mother and Faith will be here to see it as well in just over two weeks.

Next week is very busy - Hannah and Philip are out of school for April break. Hannah and I are going to try to squeeze at least one and maybe two college visits in next week. We are being challenged by her new job(!) and my scan on Tuesday. Thursday she leaves with her dad for Baltimore where there will be yet another college visit before the volleyball tournament begins and Robert and I head for Dana-Farber.

Emma graduates May 16th and I'm heading out for the festivities. I can't decide whether I hope I'm immediately post-chemo (good scan results next week but feeling awful) or not (bad scan results but feeling good). I guess what will be will be.

That's the end of my planning until I find out what next week brings. Emma is coming to CT for the summer and Hannah and Philip don't get out of school until June 24th! Robert and I will probably try to make it to Ian's white coat ceremony wherever and whenever that turns out to be.

Thanks to all of you again and again for your thoughts and prayers. Every one of them does me a world of good.

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