Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 37? - One More Stumbling Block

Well, as usual, no news means the last few days have been a little rough. Wednesday I was hoping to get over the lingering nausea and fatigue from Alimta on the 20th, but instead it brought new chest/back pain. I took a little Ibuprofen at work and that seemed to control things. I had had a stupid little dry cough since the weekend. When I got home on Wednesday my temperature was 99.5 so I called the doctor on call before taking more Ibuprofen (the pain was worse again). She said to go ahead and to call my regular doctor on Thursday if it was still bothering me. I had no temperature elevation early on Thursday, but the pain was really bugging me so I called the doctor and he, of course, told me to come by the office. On the way to the office (one hour drive from work) I developed a shaking chill. My temperature was 99.7 when I got to the office but 102.2 before I left which bought me cultures, a chest xray, IV fluids and IV antibiotics. My fever was gone by the time I went to bed Thursday night but I had been ordered not to go to work on Friday so slept in. By mid morning my temperature was 100.7 so it was back to the doctor's office where we fought some more about me going to the hospital. We settled on a CT angiogram to rule out pulmonary embolism (it did) and more IV fluids and IV antibiotics. The cultures were negative at 24 hours so he let me go home. My temp was 102.7 by the time I got home last night and I felt awful, but pretty confident that this is a viral syndrome so I kept up my alternating Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen regimen and I feel a little better today and no fever. But really? Enough already. Hopefully by Monday I'll be feeling more like myself and be able to enjoy my week before chemo a little bit.

The good news is we've actually gone a few days with no new snow accumulation and I can get up the driveway reliably. Oh, and my anniversary gets closer and closer.

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