Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 35? - Feeling Good

87.5% - that's what I give myself today. Which really is pretty great given incurable cancer, radiation therapy complications and chemotherapy! I've had decent sleep the last three nights. My neck is a little achy but not so much that I've needed anything since 500 mg of Tylenol (you're welcome, Kathy) yesterday morning. I'm not very hungry but not nauseated. My energy level is better every day and I actually feel positive and optimistic with a smile on my face for the first time in I don't know how long.

I'm at work today and had an interesting ride in. There is blowing, dry snow with nothing sticking to the roads but that didn't stop the SUV/truck hybrid in front of me from skidding all the way across the road and slamming into the guardrail on I-95. I honestly can't figure out what happened to him. Touching my brakes didn't cause any skid at all. There were a couple of accidents in the direction opposite to the one I was traveling. But I made it safe and sound and we seem to be running a special on DOT physicals today. Plus we have cake because it's one of the nurses' birthday!

Tomorrow I check in with the oncologist to make sure my counts are good to go for chemo next Tuesday and then Hannah and I take off for a volleyball tournament in Lancaster, PA. As always, that's a great diversion from any cares I may have.

So, let's see - the only things I can ask for as far as prayer and thought targets are that my counts are good tomorrow and, as always, concentrate tumor cell killing thoughts on all the stupid tumor cells in my body so the next scan, whenever that may be (late February?) will bring good news.

Wish Hannah's team good luck and I'll check in next week after chemo.

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