Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 61? - Hanging In There

I had a lovely porch sitting weekend with Claudia. There's not a whole lot new to report this week. I had chemo #2 yesterday with no adverse events. Overall I seem to be getting weaker and weaker and it really just frustrates me to no end. I have real difficulty explaining it - I can't stand for more than a few moments, I can't sit without back support for more than a few moments and I'm more comfortable semi-reclining than anything else. Even the quilt or posting feel like they take more energy than I have to spare. I'm still working, and that's a struggle. I'm not sure I actually could work two consecutive clinical shifts, but I don't have to so it doesn't matter. I continue with constant low to moderate grade nausea. Additionally, since starting the Navelbine, I have abdominal bloating and just general unease. We are going to try Reglan on the theory that my entire digestive tract just isn't moving like it's supposed to.

I thought I was going to have the radiosurgery this week but it turns out it won't be until next. I've started taking Oxycontin at night along with my Ibuprofen during the day but the neck pain is getting progressively worse and I'd like to get on with the treatment before I have to consider Oxycontin during the day. My low back is also starting to give me fits, and I suppose I'll have to discuss that with the radiation oncologist when I see him next week.

Emma is finding that being a grad student is much, much better than being an undergrad. People actually respond to emails and phone calls! She's admitted and, as soon as they figure out what registration glitch is keeping her from enrolling in the animal science internship, can start working at the vet hospital where Chester is having something cut off his ear today.

My birthday is Saturday. My mom gets in tomorrow. Lindsay's coming up and we have my favorite flank steak and grilled pepper sandwiches and Boston cream pie planned.

Today is the last day of classes for Hannah and Philip. They finish finals next Tuesday and then play for graduation Wednesday night and then they are done with school. Philip goes to band camp from the 27th to July 3rd. Hannah goes to volleyball camp from July 17-22. Emma goes to New Bolton Center for some equine vet experience from July 16-22. Robert and I leave for Texas July 24th and get home the 29th and Emma heads back to Colorado July 25th.

Right now my coworkers are serving up early birthday cake for breakfast!

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Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Congratulations! I noticed that your blog was listed in Top 50 Cancer Sites & Resources by a site Asbestos News, as was my blog Being Cancer and others I am sure you are familiar with. I noticed the site as a referrer on my statistics page so I checked it out. It’s a tribute to our cancer community - keep up the good work. I've added you to my blogroll.
Take care, Dennis