Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 60? - I Really Hate MRIs

Well, I survived Tuesday and I consider that quite an accomplishment. It was the day from HELL in an already overscheduled week. We left the house at 6 to go to New Haven for my MRI. I KNEW with all my knowing ability that this scan was going to be awful, given my baseline back and neck pain. So I took an oxycodone AND an ativan before the test and was STILL crying by the time they finally finished after having me on the table for an hour and a half. The radiation oncologist had told me that I would also be on the CT table for 45 minutes for the treatment planning CT and mask molding so I took another oxycodone when I got out of MRI. I sat in the waiting room with Robert doing crossword puzzles for about an hour and then they called me in for the CT. By this time I was completely loopy, nauseated, but in no pain. In fact, I was only on the table for about 15 minutes. The mask thing was really cool! I laid on the table with my eyes closed and they put this warm, wet thing over my face and shoulders and clipped it to the table. It was this purple plastic mesh stuff that molded to my face and shoulders and will hold me COMPLETELY motionless for the radiosurgery next week. It was weird to see me lying on the counter when I left.

Robert took me home where I had a peanut butter sandwich and then crashed for a while. At 2 we went to the oncologist's office for Zometa and chemo. Counts were fine and chemo went without a hitch. Bonus was some IV antinausea medicine which cleared up the leftover nausea from the morning oxycodone.

After chemo I dropped Robert at home and drove to Hamden to meet Emma for the second half of her doctor's appointment. We came home, had dinner and then went to the end of the year band concert which ran 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was great and I kept reminding myself that it was very possibly the last time I'll see my kids perform on stage but I was completely wiped out by the time it was over. Fell into bed with another ativan and slept the sleep of the just. Yesterday morning I was slightly foggy, not in much pain and a bit tired but the clinical schedule was VERY light and I had no evening commitments.

Hannah and Philip have 6 more class days and then finals. My best childhood friend gets in for a sit on the porch weekend on Friday. Radiosurgery will probably be next week and my mom gets in that Thursday for my birthday weekend.

I made it through Tuesday! Woo and hoo!

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