Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Up With the Doc 57? - Good News/Bad News

Good news/bad news kind of day today. Starting with the good news, I have felt remarkably well for the last two days. The fatigue and weakness are falling away like magic. The nausea is almost gone and my appetite is fantastic - so much so that I gained 3 pounds in Colorado during the graduation extravaganza weekend. I feel really, really good.

The bad news is that I don't have any of the genomic alterations they were looking for at Dana-Farber. So my options at this point are an angiogenesis inhibitor (sorafenib or sunitinib) as a single agent, more chemotherapy, phase I clinical trials or nothing at this point. I'm set to see my oncologist on June 2nd after next week's scan to talk about options. In the meantime I'll talk to my Albuquerque oncologist friend and my family. I'm disinclined to pursue the phase I trial route for quality of life issues. I don't know what the insurance coverage/side effect profile situation is with the angiogenesis inhibitors. I'm also not particularly interested in going with 4th and 5th line chemotherapy while I'm feeling good but I'll mull things over.

Aside from cancer news, I spent a most wonderful weekend in Ft. Collins for Emma's graduation. Chris and Sheri were, as always, the most gracious hosts imaginable. They ended up hosting two parties, rather than the one they had been planning. The weather was beautiful, the graduate was beautiful and it was great to finally meet her roommate and best friend.

Emma, Alex and Katy:

Hannah, me, Emma, and Philip

Sheri, Emma and Chris

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baxterkaunefamily said...

Love the picture of you with your beautiful kids (I mentally photoshopped in Lindsey!). Your new hair is fantastic! xx Kirsten