Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 27? - Back in the Saddle Again

It is with much relief that I can report how much better things are this week. I spoke to my oncologist on Thursday and we decided to drop the dose of Tarceva. I skipped Friday because the Pharmacy didn't have it in stock and started 100 mg/day on Saturday. It was the most amazing thing - the nausea and malaise just lifted magically at 3 pm on Friday. I had some mild nausea on Saturday but started getting up to eat exactly an hour after I take the Tarceva on Sunday and have had no nausea since. The diarrhea is now easily controlled with moderate doses of Imodium. I stopped the Minocycline on Thursday. The rash started to blossom again yesterday so I restarted the Minocin and so far so good.

On top of the good Tarceva news, I have nascent eyebrows and eyelashes! Really, all my hair is growing back everywhere to the point that I actually shaved yesterday. I had accommodated myself to the hairless look and so was mildly surprised at how giddy seeing the new hair made me. Silliness, but there it is.

Robert is slowly but surely moving forward. He spent his birthday (yesterday, for any of you slackers who missed it) mowing the lawn (!) and getting a haircut. I think mowing the lawn was overdoing it and he's a little under the weather with his headache now but there isn't much else that could make him feel more like he may eventually get himself back. He's cooking, cleaning and applying lotion in all the places I can't reach - so taking very good care of me even though he's not feeling too great yet.

My mother arrives tonight for a no special reason visit. Faith and Bruce get here Friday for the same purpose. I think we girls will plant bulbs this weekend - that will give me lots of color to look forward to in the spring and will help me through the dreary winter. Hopefully good scan results on election day will contribute to the positive wave.

The day after my scan I head to Albuquerque for a few days of CME. Ian, Resa and Macy will be joining us for Thanksgiving. More CME the 4th and 5th of December (Boston area) and then the trek to Albuquerque for Christmas and my mother's birthday. I'm not making travel or event plans for 2009 until we see what the scan shows next month but I'm thinking it's going to be good so I've started thinking about what to do with the kids' April break and summer. I'm sure I'll be driving all over the place with Hannah for volleyball during the club season.

Really, what a difference a week makes. Last week I was sick and demoralized. This week is all sunshine and tulips.

Party on!


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