Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Up With the Doc 20? - or Beating Anemia, Among Other Things


Cycle #7 went without a hitch yesterday. I am bright red again due to the decadron but otherwise feel just dandy. My red cell numbers were better yesterday than they have been, I assume due to the iron I've been taking. I'm thinking that may be contributing to my higher energy level and my pulse yesterday was 75, down from the ~100 it's been running for the last couple of months.

I'm working today. Tomorrow is end of camp volleyball tournament at Wesleyan for Hannah, a little bit of administrative work time and then Philip to the orthodontist. Lindsay and her friends are coming up tomorrow and I'm off Friday so will be able to spend some time with them. Working Saturday and Sunday, which will be kind of gross, given that those are usually my not feeling very good days, but whatever. My stepdaughter is coming in Saturday afternoon and will be here until Wednesday. I leave Friday to take Hannah to another volleyball camp at George Washington University and I'll get to see my stepsister, Tanis, on that little excursion. Next chemo is 8/12. Next scan 8/26. Alaska 8/31 - 9/7, which will push off chemo #9 (!) by a week if we're still plugging along with it at that point.


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Michael said...

Lisa, big kisses from Europe.

I'm back in the US Aug 18th, in time to get Lexy organized for college. I can't wait to hear all about your cruise. When you are up to it, email me and we will come up and visit/clean your house/talk smack about good people. ;-)

Hold fast, my friend, and much love,

Kirsten xx